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What can we do after recognizing we are stressed?

Lidia Lins
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One of the things that has proven to be very efficient in alleviating stress symptoms is to meditate.

There are different types of meditation with different purposes. I share with you one very simple and short meditation focused on the breath. This meditation can be done by anyone at anytime.

I generally use this meditation as the foundation of my work with my clients who are under stress and anxiety, and I thought that maybe some of you could also benefit from it.

Have a great Sunday everyone!



  • Andrea Hayward
    Andrea Hayward Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 943 admin

    @Lidia Lins thanks for sharing this! I tried it in the middle of my workday and it really helped to calm me. I did it just before lunch and found that it helped me focus more and really enjoy my lunch rather than look at it as something I just needed to get out of the way before I'm back to work. I should also probably add that this was my first ever experience with meditation. Going to save this for days when I really need it! 🤗

  • Shruti Turner
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    This is such a great thread, I think we can be guilty of doing a lot of talk about prevention and recognising stress but not what to do if we know we are stressed. I know that meditation works for many people as a way to clear their mind and take a break, even helping productivity as well as calming stress. I have to say, personally, I really struggle to clear my head with meditation. I find my mind always wonder to the things I am worrying about - perhaps this is exactly why I need meditation in my life, I have bookmarked this video!

    I find that doing something that I need to concentrate on is my form of "meditation", something that keeps my mind just occupied enough without being too much. For me, that usually is something a bit more physical if I can do it e.g. a faster-paced, more strength focussed yoga, or an online exercise class.

  • Lidia Lins
    Lidia Lins Member Posts: 48 ✭✭✭

    Thank you for the feedback @Andrea Hayward ! I am happy to read you had a first meditation experience and that you enjoyed it. This one has almost 10 minutes, even when you can't do it every day, just closing your eyes for a few breaths can also give you a feeling of calmness to continue your day.

  • Lidia Lins
    Lidia Lins Member Posts: 48 ✭✭✭

    Thank you @Shruti Turner . There is this idea indeed that meditation is about clearing the head, which is one of the effects of it of course, but meditation is more about getting familiar with yourself, with your thoughts and emotions and learning how to nurture whatever comes with the same kindness you would offer to other people.

    I also do a very active form of yoga, ashtanga, which can be very hard sometimes, but meditation is waaay harder, because we are not used anymore to sit still. Our fast-paced society requires us to move, to do, to be always busy. We forgot what is to just BE, so when we meditate everything that we tried to avoid come up to the surface and this can be very uncomfortable sometimes.

    The good thing is that the mind is like a puppy, if you train it, it will change after some time.

  • Kakoli Majumder
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    Hey @Lidia Lins! Just tried this at the end of a crazy work day and I must say I'm feeling much more relaxed right now. I'm so glad you shared this. I've been used to taking long walks, but currently unable to do so due to the lockdown. I'm not really a workout person, but meditation seemed quite relaxing. I'm inspired to try yoga now - had a bit of experience with it years back and I think it can be the next best thing to walking now for me. 😊

  • Lidia Lins
    Lidia Lins Member Posts: 48 ✭✭✭

    Thank you for the feedback @Kakoli Majumder . Walking can be another way of meditating, so if you are not able to do it, seated meditation can be a replacement. Glad it helped you!

  • Soumi Paul
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    It was so helpful! I saw mountains with every inhale and many images closing my eyes meditating.

    Communication is the key to thriving! 😊