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What brings you JOY?

chris leonard
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I talk to a fair few researchers to find out their problems, pain points, and bottlenecks so that we (Cactus) can think about how to help them overcome these hurdles.

BUT one thing we've done recently is also to ask what do researchers LOVE about their work. What's the moment for you when everything suddenly feels worth it? Go! >>


  • Mdumiseni Mazula
    Mdumiseni Mazula Member Posts: 63 ✭✭✭

    Well what brings me joy it's money and love so that at least I can provide for my poor family and help those are sleeping with empty stomach. That's what beings joy

  • Omololu FAGBADEBO
    Omololu FAGBADEBO Member Posts: 94 ✭✭✭

    Whenever i do anything that impact other people's lives positively. In other words, I am always joyous when my action makes other people feel good or accomplished in their task.

    One thing at a time😍

  • Omololu FAGBADEBO
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    As a researcher, whenneverI accomplish a particular task, for instance, completed a manuscript and get it published, completed supervision of a thesis, or examined a thesis, I feel on top of the world, because I know that somebody out there is happy.

    One thing at a time😍

  • Yufita Chinta
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    When I know that I love to do a research and when I can do a research are the moments I feel JOY 😊

  • Raj sundaram
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    When a problem that has been around for a long time gets solved - by persistent but logical trouble shooting...it brings me joy.

    Specifically - seeing the faces of my technical assistants - bloom in to a smile of satisfaction that says - "yes! we figured it out!" - brings me joy.

    Often, in research, a published paper/patent/funding - etc. are achievements considered "worthy of celebration/happiness and sharing." But the real problems are solved when some niggling little hidden bottleneck gets identified and solved. It could be something as simple as the humidity of the lab changing, leading to unexpected outcomes.

    Many of these things dont get expressed in papers/patents. They get relegated as "minor details" by leaders/bosses or even readers!

    But...these are the aspects that really make science work or not work at the ground level. 🙂