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Matilda Sase
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Hi Everyone, am so Privileged and happy to be part of this great Forum. How are you all doing? Please, may I ask;

I am a PhD student, my Thesis Topic is Crisis communication and Management by Airlines in Europe and Africa in the face of Covid-19.

My Population entails those who flew only during Covid-19 in Europe and Africa, and I have being asked to distribute 400 questionnaires, but I know that I have to use a formulae to be able to obtain the sample size of 400 responses. Which formula do I use?,please, thanks.

Best regards,

Matilda Sase

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  • Andrea Hayward
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    Hi @Matilda Sase. Welcome to R Voice! It's great to have you here 🙂

    I'm going to request some of our more experienced community members to help here. @leonard waks @Suman Mundkur @Omololu FAGBADEBO @Praveena Ramanujam could you please share your thoughts on Matilda's question?

  • Kakoli Majumder
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    @Matilda Sase I’m not really sure if I understand your question clearly. I’m not sure if you wish to determine the sample size or you will be working with a pre-determined sample size. If you wish to determine the size of the random sample (which will represent the population), this would require a fairly good understanding of statistics. If this is what you wish to know, you may find these two articles useful:

    From your question, it seems that the sample size might already have been determined (400), and possibly, you now have to fit a formula to show that this figure is correct. In this case, too, the websites mentioned above will be useful.

    Another angle to the problem could be: How should one select random responders (totaling 400) from the population?

    If this is the case, it would be a more complex task, since there are many different variables involved. If this is what you wish to know, it might a good idea to get help from a statistical expert or someone with expertise in market research.

  • Kakoli Majumder
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    @Soumi Paul Any thoughts on this?

  • Soumi Paul
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    My survey included a random sampling among academics of mentioned designations with 18 or above age. I suggest, better going through relevant articles that used a formula to determine sample size and perhaps, consult any statisticians in this regard, I also did for my work. I also have attended the relevant hands-on training workshop.

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