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Sharing My 'Being A Researcher' Formula! :)

Soumi Paul
Soumi Paul Member Posts: 204 ✭✭✭✭

It's been a long for me to stop by and say hi to you all. Surely, R Voice has grown up a lot more while I was absent. I hope and am sure you all are doing great and growing with this community of like-minded souls.

It is a wise and brave decision to play the role of a research scholar. Because we all have welcomed the challenges and made up our minds to provide solutions in return. Every thriving story of a researcher is unique. My formula to thrive as a research scholar: Communication*Networking*Collaboration (CNC). If you too have one, would love to hear yours. 🙂

Happy Winter!

Stay warm!

Communication is the key to thriving! 😊


  • Kakoli Majumder
    Kakoli Majumder Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 341 admin

    So good to see your post Soumi! It's been a long time since we've interacted! Thanks for starting this thread - Each one of us has a different mantra - or "formula" as you have so aptly put it :) - to keep them going in their research journey.

    Over the last two years, things have changed drastically, and we've all scrambled, first to just stay afloat and second, to adapt to the changing work conditions and research landscape. I love your "formula" that has helped you to thrive as a researcher @Soumi Paul. However, I'd love to know how you've adapted to the changing ways to network and collaborate. Conferences, which were once the main avenues for networking and collaboration for researchers, are no longer the same - some have stopped, others have gone virtual or hybrid. So, I suppose most of the networking and collaboration has happened virtually for you, as with most of us. How did you adapt to this change?

    I'm not a researcher, but as someone working with researchers and loosely within the periphery of academia, my mantra to thrive and help researchers thrive is to "Connect. Share. Learn." I want to connect with as many researchers as i can and help them connect with each other, encourage and facilitate sharing of knowledge and experiences, and help each other learn and grow in the process.

  • Soumi Paul
    Soumi Paul Member Posts: 204 ✭✭✭✭

    Hello, @Kakoli Majumder. It's nice to interact after such a long time. Although, I am still much on and off frequently. So, it's nice to know your formula. Connections are really about sharing and learning and growing and letting other people grow. Thank you so much that you are playing the role of a connector and helping so many researchers like me, allowing them to grow, allowing this community to grow.

    Now, about how I am thriving with this change, I would say it's a mixed experience. Though the majority till now is good by luck. Let me explain to you why.

    I have always wished long-distance walk-ins should have been replaced by virtual interviews. Or, I wish, overseas participants could have joined a conference/workshop/symposium virtually. All these thoughts are based on the belief that exchange and gaining knowledge should not be stopped by geographical barriers or finical issues. We should save time and money and maximize our knowledge sharing. Although the COVID outbreak is an unfortunate incident. But the good thing about bad times is it always opens up alternatives and virtualization is one of them. Although this new system of virtualization is yet to be standardized, eventually it will, by the time. So because of this virtualization, I am managing many of my research tasks over the computer without being present at university. Throughout this year I faced loads of personal, medical tragedies, and because I could avail of things virtually and I have my friends at the university to help me, I managed to attend both research and personal stuff staying at home. But also another truth is virtuality can not completely replace physical tasks as of now. So, I needed to be present at the university if my friends were not there to help me out. Thereby, I am lucky to avail maximum benefit of this virtual world. To my best understanding, this hybrid avenue of virtual and real-world must continue ahead for a considerable time so that we can experience the best of both worlds!

    Happy Christmas! May your wishes come true! 😊🎅

    Communication is the key to thriving! 😊

  • Gayatri Ramachandran
    Gayatri Ramachandran Member Posts: 237 ✭✭✭

    Agree cent percent on your formula @Soumi Paul. Specially networking and collaboration is so important in every sphere of research, R voice itself being a testimony to this fact.

    An immense driving force of positivity and child like eagerness every day, is a must I would say. Isn't it true that when you are gearing to perform a new experiment, that curiosity coupled with the child like eagerness could give a massive boost to your jump starting it, irrespective of whether the experiment works or fails. It is like that extra throttle you give the experiment in the initial stage itself, so incase it fails, you still have enough potential energy left within you to move forward a bit.

  • chris leonard
    chris leonard Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 168 admin

    (Reading/online research)*(lab time)*(self-promotion & networking)=Successful researcher.

    I was guilty of spending too much time in the library for my PhD. I took the mantra of 'an hour in the library can save a week in the lab' a step too far.

    And it's increasingly important that researchers consider their self-branding. Use social media to create contacts and share your work - write a blog post about what you're working on - comment on relevant posts elsewhere. Make yourself a name people recognise. Hell, even YouTube and TikTok are options nowadays. I'd say this is the modern,pandemic equivalent of attending conferences. But it would be nice to do that too again soon.

  • Praveena Ramanujam
    Praveena Ramanujam Member Posts: 15 ✭✭

    @chris leonard I do agree that researchers do not consider self-branding all that much, instead they are too much focused on lab work and staying abreast of the latest advancements in their respective fields by reading up on the most recent published literature. However, instead of becoming scientific thinkers we become frogs in our own wells who are experts in our fields with very few networks (and even fewer insights into fields not our own).

    Not a good strategy for a career.

  • Soumi Paul
    Soumi Paul Member Posts: 204 ✭✭✭✭

    @Gayatri Ramachandran , I agree with every word of yours and this eagerness is bigger to me than any uncertainties I face in research. Probably this is the reason when I am broken and feeling to leave the ground, the ground is holding me back with new rays of hope. I hope this journey is in the right direction.

    Communication is the key to thriving! 😊

  • Soumi Paul
    Soumi Paul Member Posts: 204 ✭✭✭✭

    @chris leonard, I agree with you completely. When I first joined as a junior researcher, I saw people more into lab work and less talking about it, and spreading words among the public. As a newbie, something about the process did not fit me fine. Because I felt (feel) a research project includes both doing actual work and promoting it beyond the scientific circle. Thanks to the fact that researchers now have started using social media platforms for sharing research outcomes and sharing their journeys. It's helpful, supportive. The proper utilization of time can give us the maximum benefit in terms of working and sharing experiences.

    Communication is the key to thriving! 😊