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Follow-up questions from last week's webinar "Title & Abstract: Your research paper in a nutshell"

Kakoli Majumder
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Here are some follow-up questions for @Leena Joseph, our speaker for the webinar "The Title & Abstract: Your research paper in a nutshell," which was the last of our Academic Writing Month webinar series:

1. It's relatively hard for me to balance between: (I) "abstract should contains no information not included in the paper" point; and (ii) "abstract wording should be rephrased, not similar to the main text of the paper." (mostly requested by the reviewers)

2.  How do you select key words to write at the end of the abstract?

3.  Most of Call for Paper invitations, ask authors to submit a tentative title and tentative abstract. Meanwhile, the research is still on going. How should we respond to such request - Can we then change the title and abstract later?  


  • Leena Joseph
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    Here are the answers to your questions:

    1. One common mistake while writing an abstract is to copy entire sentences from different parts of the paper into the abstract. You can overcome this issue by selecting key information from different sections of your paper (such as Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion and Conclusion) putting these together, and then rewriting this information in your own words.

    2. Always aim to choose keywords that complement the main topic of your research, including related words and/or methodology-specific terms. Also, avoid overlapping of keywords in your title and those in your keyword list. Moreover, ensure that your keywords adhere to your target journal guidelines. Always remember to test your selected keywords. Do you think your article is difficult to find? Does the search pull up very similar articles to your own? This testing gives you the chance to tailor your keyword selection even further.

    3. It depends on the conference organizer. Some organizers accept but others reject any change to the tentative title or tentative abstract. You need to check with the conference organizer whether any change in the tentative title/abstract is allowed since your research is ongoing. In any case, you have to strongly justify why it is necessary to change the title or the abstract.