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Contribute to a 2022 daily motivational calendar for researchers

Jayashree Rajagopalan
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Here’s a fact – Academia is a tough place. Everyone who is part of academia is under immense pressure every day – to qualify, conduct research, write, plan, strategize, defend, collaborate, communicate, network, succeed, find postdoc or industry positions, get tenure, settle down, juggle their professional and personal lives…this list goes on.

These challenges are very real and can often make you feel demotivated. When such feelings are bogging you down, it always helps to know that you’re not alone – that it’s normal to feel this way, there are others who can share this journey with you, and you are part of a larger global community of researchers who can support you by listening to you and motivating you with their own experiences. And as a member of this global researcher community you can support and motivate your fellow researchers too.

Here’s an opportunity for you to be a cheerleader for your peers!

Contribute to the 2022 motivational calendar for researchers. Share one simple positive thought that helped you through tough times in your academic journey! Help them stay motivated and focused on their goal and prepare them to face challenges along the way. We’ll credit you for your quote(s). That way, the person you’re motivating and giving hope to on any given day, will know whom to thank.

How to contribute:

  • Use this form to share your quote – you are free to share more than one positive quote. 🙂
  • For examples of what other researchers have shared before take a look at the current/2021 motivational calendar.
  • Drop your social media handles with links or links to your professional/institutional profile pages. This will help us ensure that you get credit for your quote.
  • If you are quoting someone else, mention the name of the person who originally shared that quote.
  • Once you share your quote, I’ll take a look at it and plot it on the 2022 calendar.
  • If I need any clarifications about your contribution, I will reach out to you via email.
  • This daily motivational calendar is free and open to all researchers and everyone in academia.
  • You are free to spread the word and invite more researchers within your network to contribute.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop a comment below or DM me here on R Voice.

Why we are doing this:

I started this calendar in 2020 as an experiment – to see if and how the academic community would step forward to offer support. I received an overwhelming response from researchers who were eager to gently nudge their peers to achieve their goals. Since then this motivational calendar has been a regular feature – with researchers from across the world stepping forward to contribute a simple inspirational thought. I have also received a lot of heart-warming messages from researchers who have found inspiration from this daily calendar that has been co-created by other researchers.

What you share for this calendar could help other researchers smile, feel more confident about themselves and prepare to deal with tough situations in their lives.

Here’s to an inspired new year!