A Big Hello to all R Voices! Isurika here from Sri Lanka — R Voice

A Big Hello to all R Voices! Isurika here from Sri Lanka

I’m a passionate individual who is committed to research-oriented teaching in the Higher Education sector. I always consider each of my students as a unique case study where I teach and learn from as they come from different socio-economic, ethnic, religious, mental backdrops. My career goal is to engage in sound research, quality, and illustrative teaching as a motivational role model. My research interests lie beneath the dynamic interdisciplinary perspectives of Urban Geography with specialties in Green Urbanism, Green Infrastructure Planning, and Climate Resilient Inclusive-Cities to realize the goal of Sustainable Development acknowledging the spatiotemporal dynamics all over the world.

My life slogan is “Aspire to Inspire before we Expire” meaning that it is essential that we return the worth of the free education we received so luckily; back to the enthusiastic learning communities who represent the next generation. I strongly believe that we rise only by lifting others, but should always monitor backstabbers. Being a topnotch of exploring our born potentials does a lot while molding ourself for what we are craving to do. Any day is no later than the days already wasted. 

On a usual day, I would start my day with a hot cup of tea while listening to some blinks in the Blinkist app (not a promotion btw) ;) where I will gather my energy to start my day with afresh perspective. My hobbies inlcude taking part in webinars and virtual conferences as much as possible to upgrade my knowledge and attitudes on the contemporary global issues to reorient myself to become a responsible global citizen.

I really enjoy, learn and improve myself with R Voice platform and feel the genuine excitement while navigating through each post, discussion and comment.

I wish this platform will flourish and every voice will be considered worth and find something to be cherished. It is indeed a pleasure to find a secure place to share our genuine ideas and get feedback in the battle against work-life-academic balance.


  • chris leonard
    chris leonard Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 156 admin

    Hi Isurika - another Blinkist fan! I have used this for many years and find it invaluable. Most business books (which I read most of) are essentially blog posts that have been spun out to 300 pages. I'm grateful to Blinkist for allowing us to experience the key ideas without having to spend hours and hours reading them.

    I had a wonderful time in Mirissa a few years ago and was due to go to Galle again in March 2020, but, you know...

  • Isurika Sevwandi
    Isurika Sevwandi Member Posts: 80 ✭✭✭

    Of course Chris, it's more than an app and it provides me much inspiration on various topics to start my day and much vim and vigour to go through this whole journey. I was a book worm back in my school days but eventually lost interest when I was addicted to rely on internet materials once I switched into English medium. Blinkist opened a new avenue enlightening the same interest in English which is encouraging. Each blink expands my thinking horizons to view the world and people differently and to understand their exact circumstances behind their actions; which is essential to perceive before judging people.

    Great that you visited Mirissa in Galle which is the capital of Southern Sri Lanka. Hope you will be able to witness the see breeze and architectural beauty of colonial buildings and mesmerizing natural landscapes once again the situation normalised.

  • Yufita Chinta
    Yufita Chinta Member Posts: 126 ✭✭✭✭

    hi @Isurika Sevwandi

    What a powerful thought you have as "I always consider each of my students as a unique case study where I teach and learn from as they come from different socio-economic, ethnic, religious, mental backdrops." Thank you for having this beautiful thought as the first line of your career way.

  • Mohamed Samunn
    Mohamed Samunn Member Posts: 17 ✭✭✭

    Hello Chinta, When we me a diverse community in our classrooms, I am compelled to think of more that one way to present, engage with, and understand the content. At this point only UDL (Universal design for Learning ) comes in handy.

  • Isurika Sevwandi
    Isurika Sevwandi Member Posts: 80 ✭✭✭

    It was great that you fond it interesting Yufita Chinta. Love to connect with you in the discussions as well☺️