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Self care and mental health.

Hi my name is Mdumiseni Mazula

I am a manger at the Guest House for 12 years and a researcher.

I currently live in Mtata at Eastern Cape, South Africa.

My Research area are politics, community projects, and youth advisor, for the next generation.

What I like best about my work is that since I have 12 years experience I always make sure everything is done by the right time and make sure know one is complaining about anything.

When I'm not working I simply go out with team mates to go gym,exercise or taking a drive for a day just to go meet my family and other friends that I grew up with.


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    Hi @Mdumiseni Mazula. Thanks for posting this introduction! It's great to learn more about you and your work 🙂 I'm especially curious to know more about the community projects you've been working on. What kind of work does this involve?

    You and I have exercise in common! I too spend time working out when I'm not working and I find that it really helps me to clear my head and achieve the kind of balance I need. It also helps me feel energized and active after a long day of work. Lately, I've been going for brisk walks and jogs and have also been using a jump rope. What kind of exercises have you been doing?

  • Mdumiseni Mdumiseni Mazula
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    Community projects like farming and agriculture.