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The hidden upside of imposter syndrome - BBC Worklife Article

Raj sundaram
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Finally - someone verbalized some of my thoughts (usually considered contrarian). Positive emotions - confidence - are a bit over-rated. And negative emotions - self-doubt - are a bit under-rated. 😉

In my view: healthy self-doubt, overthinking, perfectionism (and even cynicism) are forces for good. No need for meta-emotions of guilt about self-doubt. Because self-doubt signals something - most negative emotions do. They teach us where we want to/can be - clarifying our goals and potential. Just that self-doubt needs to be healthy - i.e., in doses that dont tyrranize ourselves into inaction and dont affect others/outcomes negatively.

Would love to know all your views.


  • chris leonard
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    If you haven't read 'Quiet' by Susan Cain - you'll like it.

  • Raj sundaram
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    @chris leonard Haha - it was an interesting read. Here and there - I have differences. But, overall - it was good read. 😊

  • Dahlia T
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    @Raj sundaram , many years ago I visited a small seaside town and I bought a stone in the gift shop (he he he he yes I spent money on one very tiny stone ha ha ha 😄) . On it was written the word 'balance'.

    I truly believe therein lies a powerful secret. Both positive and not so positive emotions all have a time and a place in our cycle of life. We should embrace them both, allowing each emotion to teach, to guide, and to nurture our growth. I haven't achieved it myself ... I don't know if I ever will but I keep trying. After all, I did invest in one very 'valuable' stone :-)

    I am purposefully driven to water the soil to grow the seed that is already planted. 

  • Isurika Sevwandi
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    Dahlia, I think the word written in the stone is more than a word of wisdom. It is the most essential force that is governed by nature itself. The thing is, as human beings we neglect to understand the "balance" as an essential part of our life as a living being just because we reckon we are superior than other living creatures on the Earth. We do not obey the rules set by natural world and forget that everything is cyclical. If we break the chain somewhere, it will collapse everything and even the tiny particles will be affected and it might take thousands of years to revise/ reverse the effect. Sometimes, it is impossible. I think the stone here, teaches this very truth and I think it is a lifelong investment to buy this stone without hesitating on its cost.