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I am new to Research field. I just want to know from where should I start?

It is a pleasure for me to thank RESEARCHERS LIFE and EDITAGE and EVERY MEMBER who contributes to make this platform accessible for everyone.

I received my bachelor's degree in 2021 in mechanical engineering. Currently, preparing for a Masters abroad, then planning for a PhD. During my bachelors I never made an effort to get into the research field. However, now that I see the energy crisis around me, I am greatly disturbed. That's why I want to start right now, but I am unaware of any topic and don't have any partners to work with. I come from Bhilai, India. Here, people long for corporate or government jobs with hardly any interest in research. I am 23 years old, and I believe I think I have wasted my 4 years of engineering because I cannot help my planet and its people.

I would like to work in the field of Energy and would be grateful if someone could guide me. I know everyone is working diligently, but I just need a touch of guidance. I will be grateful for your time and effort.

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  • Yufita Chinta
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    Hi @Abishai Yabesh Patel First of all, congratulation on planning your academic future. That is a great thing. Second, you do not need to feel sorry and give a negative value on what you have done during your Bachelor for four years. I am sure that every knowledge and experience has its power at the right time. And then, as your concern about any tips on how to prepare yourself to jump into the research world: in my opinion, since you are preparing for a Master course, I suggest you search a potential supervisor and learn his/her lab's research themes and projects. Potential supervisors can be more than one. When you decide to whom or which research theme you are interested in, you can start contacting your potential supervisor. Introducing yourself and telling him/her your intention. It is also a plus point if you particularly mention why you are interested in doing a Master in his/her lab. This is surely related to the research theme/projects, which means that you need to dig a bit deeper about his/her lab. If there is positive feedback, I think you can start receiving the guidance about the research at the moment.

    This all is based on my experience. I wish you good luck!

    @Kakoli Majumder if you have any additional or different opinion and suggestion, please.


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    Hi, I need somebody to help me published an article in Scopus indexed journal. Because publication in a legit journal is the number 1 requirement for my promotion. My field is Culinary. Thank you.

  • Kakoli Majumder
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    @Abishai Yabesh Patel. Like @Yufita Chinta, I too strongly believe that no learning goes waste, so please don't feel bad about yourself. In fact, it's great that you are concerned about the energy crisis in the world and wish to do something about it through your research. I agree with Yufita that while you are doing your Masters, you should start looking for suitable PhD positions and getting in touch with potential supervisors to understand which of them you would enjoy working with the most.

    In addition, I would also recommend that you start reading the published literature on your subject area. Make reading scientific publications a part of your daily routine. Here's an article to help you with this:

    You can also use the R Discovery app for this. Powered by Researcher.life, this free app will help you dig up relevant papers and read them on the go on your mobile phone.

  • Kakoli Majumder
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    @Charena Castro To find a Scopus Indexed journal for your paper, you can use the Elsevier journal Finder tool. Since Scopus is an Elsevier product, you will find Scopus indexed journals here. Please go through this article first to understand how you can use this tool to find a suitable journal.

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    It's inspiring to see you want to pursue something different from what your friends and family do @Abishai Yabesh Patel! Your bachelors in engineering is only going to turn into a boon for you since there is SO MUCH that technical personnel are contributing to this field through a background in engineering.

    @Isurika Sevwandi - Perhaps you can throw some light on this, considering your current field aligns here.

    I would suggest you hop onto LinkedIn and network with other students/researchers pursuing the same domain. That would give you better insights on supervisors and their labs. It takes time to do this but your patience will pay off well. Best Wishes!

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    Hi everyone,

    First I would like to thank RVOICE for providing this opportunity to the sincere scholars as a platform for discussion.

    I was a science educator and currently I am looking for some topics to explore in second language teaching projects. I am wondering if there is anybody would like to guide me with these topics?

    It's very broad because I don't know what to focus yet. However, I am interested in preparing teaching materials. I like doing artwork, sewing and cooking.

    Please kindly drop me a few lines in my email: [email protected] or see my Facebook pages, Adeline G Khaw.

    Thank you very much, sincerely from me, Adeline AiGuat Khaw from Malaysia. Today, 8November22. 1200 local time

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    Salut a tous

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    Hi every one can I ask some help