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So what's the buzz about Peer Review Week?

Kakoli Majumder
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What's most exciting for you in September? For the R Voice team, as for many others in academia, it's Peer Review Week (Sep 19-22), a community-led global virtual event that is held every year to celebrate the role that peer review plays in maintaining the quality of research.

And what makes Peer Review Week even more special for us is that - drumroll - our very own Jayashree Rajagopalan is the co-chair of the Peer Review Week Steering Committee!

Listen to her thoughts on Peer Review Week 2022:

Let's join Jayashree in celebrating Peer Review Week on R Voice! Through the next few weeks, let's get the conversations rolling around different aspects of peer review.

We also have a host of exciting expert-led events and discussions lined up for you during Peer Review Week. If you haven't signed up for these yet, do so right away: