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It's time we THINK and stand united against bullying in academia

Andrea Hayward
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1 in every 3 researchers has experienced some form of bullying.

This ^ was one of the key findings of the CACTUS Mental Health Survey. I've said/typed this sentence out more times that I can count, and every time I feel the same. I feel shocked, upset, angry, terrified and frustrated. For the longest time, I used to also feel helpless but not any more!

Over the past few months, I've been working on a very special project, dedicated to a cause I deeply care about. And I'm so glad that I can finally share it with you all. I'm pleased to introduce you to THINK Academia, a new initiative against bullying in academia. This initiative follows directly from my work on the CACTUS Mental Health Survey and envisions a safer, more welcoming academic culture - one where researchers, academics, and research institutions THINK. Here is a link to the website:

I'm determined to start and sustain a conversation on different forms of bullying in academia. I believe that speaking out and awareness is an important part of change and I hope that this initiative will help researchers feel more seen and empowered to acknowledge that bullying does exist and also to call it out.

I encourage you all to show your support and stand united against bullying by signing the THINK Academia Pledge. This pledge encourages all researchers and academics to be kinder, more thoughtful and more empathetic in their interactions. I have a strong feeling that all of you will identify with what this pledge says and really hope to see your name among our signatories. You can sign the pledge here:

I've put a lot of time and heart into this initiative and would really appreciate your support. Join me in this movement to build a safer academia. Sign the THINK Academia Pledge

#SayNoToBullying #ItsTimeWeTHINK