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A real-time CoCo Time Session!

Kakoli Majumder
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We've been having our virtual CoCo Time meets for several months now, and it's always a fun session where we meet other R Voicers and have some wonderful conversations together. In one of the CoCo Time sessions last month, I happened to mention my travel plans to and it turned out that two other R Voicers - @Vivien Kretz and @S Lee would be in the same city at the time. Plans were made instantly, and we ended up having a real-time CoCo Session in Amsterdam!

We hit it off right from the start and it didn't feel like we were meeting for the first time! Conversation flowed and we had a memorable evening together! We even found a cafe called CoCo Time, though unfortunately, it was closed and we had to move our venue to a different one. Hope we can have more of such physical get-togethers in the future! Thanks Vivien and Seunghye for a wonderful evening!


  • Vivien Kretz
    Vivien Kretz Member Posts: 208 ✭✭✭

    I enjoyed meeting you guys @Kakoli Majumder @S Lee in real life very very much! I definitely have to agree, it did NOT feel as if we had never met in real life. I am still not over how usually there are 13 hours of flight between Kakoli and Seunghye and me! It really does not feel like it! Thanks to you both for the lovely catchup!

  • Andrea Hayward
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    This is so precious! 😍 So glad you took a picture @Kakoli Majumder. I'm so glad that this plan worked out! @Vivien Kretz @S Lee I would've loved to have been there. 😃

    P.S. I can't believe you actually found a café called CoCo Time. Can you imagine if you'd actually ended up going there. It would've been a very intense aligning of stars lol

  • chris leonard
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    This is so cool - would love to think we have more of these in the future!

  • Gayatri Ramachandran
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    When you mentioned this @Kakoli Majumder to us during that week's CoCo session, I was slightly jealous😉. It felt like a part of the "Family" as Omolulu rightly named it, had got together without us. But, like Chris mentioned I hope the real CoCo Time cafe opens for all of us to plan a mega family getto someday😊. Cheers to @Vivien Kretz and @S Lee for adding memorable moments to this community's album!

  • Kakoli Majumder
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    I too hope this meeting would just be the first in a series of face-to-face CoCo Time sessions we host in different cities across the globe. :)