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Pay attention to your feelings

Omololu FAGBADEBO Member Posts: 192 ✭✭✭


One thing at a time😍


  • Kakoli Majumder
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    This is such a beautiful thought! Often, in life, we tend to push away negative feelings and try to force ourselves to be cheerful, positive, and driven. But, the so-called "negative" emotions are also meaningful and I feel that experiencing and embracing the whole range of emotions - both negative as well as positive - is the first step towards self-awareness. My dentist once said to me, during a painful tooth extraction process - "Don't resist the pain, take a deep breath and embrace it. You'll see it's not half as bad as you expected." This little nugget of wisdom has remained with me and I feel that once we accept emotions like anger, anxiety, and fear and look beyond these emotions and try to figure out the messages they are trying to convey, we'll be better equipped to cope with them. Thanks for sharing these beautiful thoughts, @Omololu FAGBADEBO

  • Omololu FAGBADEBO
    Omololu FAGBADEBO Member Posts: 192 ✭✭✭

    Thank you, @Kakoli Majumder

    One thing at a time😍

  • Vivien Kretz
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    Thank you @Omololu FAGBADEBO , yes! I agree very very much! Our feelings are indicators and it is such a pivotal part of self-care to observe them and then reflect on them. I guess that's why all therapy sessions go "And how does that make you feel?" Thinking of feelings as indicators is so important but so easy to forget because we are always IN our head and never outside of it.

    What your dentist said is GOLD @Kakoli Majumder ! It definitely goes together with observing the feelings rather than completely being immersed into them.

  • Shruti Turner
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    Thank you for sharing this post @Omololu FAGBADEBO - it is such a poignant reminder that our emotions mean something. It can sometimes be so overwhelming when we feel these different things, particularly when they layer upon each other, this reminds us to look at why we are feeling this way, as @Vivien Kretz has said also :)

    Not sure I can agree with your dentist @Kakoli Majumder - mainly because I vividly remember when my teeth were extracted as a child and I was too small to have enough anaesthetic so I felt everything. Maybe I need to listen to him more, I might feel less queasy! haha BUT, in all seriousness, I do appreciate and like the sentiment.