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Need your help with a new AI-powered global journal database

Jayashree Rajagopalan
Jayashree Rajagopalan Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 319 admin

Researcher.Life has recently launched a Global Journal Database for researchers and you could help test it. This database includes a journal library that you can browse through as well as an inbuilt AI-powered journal finder.

This is where we need your help - Use the database and tell us what you think. There are 4 ways by which you can search the right journal across a library of over 30,000 journals:

  1. By abstract or manuscript: You can share a summary of your research or a draft of your manuscript and let the AI engines recommend journals that best match your research. Each recommendation will give you a journal report that tells you more about the degree of match to your paper, common matching topics, and similar papers previously published papers in the recommended journal.
  2. By topic(s): You can choose to share topics relevant to your research to get recommendations of journals that have published your topics in the past.
  3. By title/ISSN: You can also choose to use the journal's name and/or ISSN in your search.

We are looking for feedback about how helpful this database is for researchers. Do use the directory and journal finder and tell us about your experience. Your feedback and suggestions will help identify anything we may have missed and know how well the database works and how useful it is for researchers.

Share your thoughts and feedback here:

(More information about Researcher.Life is available here.)