Join us for a special CoCo time session this Friday — R Voice

Join us for a special CoCo time session this Friday

Kakoli Majumder
Kakoli Majumder Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 296 admin

As most of you know, CoCo Time sessions are short and sweet fun community catch-ups we have every other Friday to just meet other R Voicers and have some interesting conversations! This Friday's CoCo Time, though, is special. In line with the R Voice topic of the month, the theme for this week's CoCo time is: Favorite stories (personal or ones you've heard) of women winning, succeeding, empowering, etc. 

So, drop by to say hello to other R Voicers, and tell us inspiring personal stories about women in academia - it could be about your own experience, or that of a friend, colleague, or even a story you've heard from someone else. All you men on R Voice, we'd love to have you join us in the celebrations as well - and share stories about women who've inspired you. 😊

So grab your coffee or tea or cocoa and join us for a CoCo Time dedicated to celebrating Women!

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  • Andrea Hayward
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    This chat was amazing! Thank you @Kakoli Majumder and @Karen Hall for the stories you both shared. And special shout-out to @Omololu FAGBADEBO for the amazing surprise visit (and guest) 🤩

  • Karen Hall
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    As we celebrate the contributions of women this week in academia, we need to also acknowledge the stress and sacrifices involved in attaining these accomplishments. To this end i would like to share some of my self-care tips that has worked for me, especially during the stringent pandemic period.

    Adversity shows the depth of courage and resilience within each of us. Like many of my peers I am at a university outside my country where my connections are not maybe as strong as in my home country, so I spent a lot of alone time in my apartment. Due to things like time difference with my country it could be tough to stay connected and ne in a positive frame of mind. So, in moments of anxiety I called upon my knowledge in counselling and special education to keep me mentally grounded. As part of my resilience routine, I use movement. I will share a few


    Breathing fitness there are several but one that works for me is a yoga beathing style called abdominal breathing exercises. Note that it may have another name as well, anyway I combined it with counting, I am currently up to 16 beats on a good day and 7 beats on a rough day. Whenever nothing else works that exercise clears my head fast.

    The other method I use are stretches, these can be done from a chair and for a few seconds. These keep me alert during long spells of classes or readings


    1.chair yoga stretches - anytime during the day 2.palates stretches . these early in the morning *these combineed with music cab make a huge difference to my mood-

    Thanks for the opportunity to share.