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Shortcomings OR Room for growth

Andrea Hayward
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I attended a webinar yesterday on the topic 'Learning how to deal with imposter feelings.' It was an R Voice webinar, so I knew beforehand what the webinar would cover. Despite this, I learned so much over the 1-hour session and I wanted to share one little nugget of wisdom that particularly struck me.

We're all talented individuals - we're all great at some things, good at others, and not so good at some others. But when evaluating the things we're not so good at or our "weaknesses" so to say, we shouldn't view them as gaps or shortcomings or something we need to feel ashamed about. Instead, if we regard them as room for growth or opportunities for new learning and experiences, it would work much better! We'd not only feel better about ourselves, but we'd also set out on a path through which we're constantly working on ourselves and constantly growing.

What do you guys think? Do you agree?


  • Jayashree Rajagopalan
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    Thanks for sharing this learning from the session @Andrea Hayward As one of the participants of the session I agree with this. This was an amazing talk - I feel that we all struggle with imposter feelings at some point and to varying degrees. The feeling could have a crippling effect on your sense of self-worth 😥

    For me the biggest takeaway was the realization that the skills picked up during a PhD are priceless and transferrable - something that is often overlooked.