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Hi - Chris Leonard here...

chris leonard
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I work at CACTUS and I'm a part of the team behind R Voice. I've worked in academic publishing for more than 20 years until I realised it is not products or processes than can change the world, but people. Without an engaged, happy workforce, universities and research in general will not prosper.

To build this engaged, happy community, it is important to acknowledge the role mental health plays. Research can be solitary by nature, encouraging long working hours, and an exploratory mindset that - by testing limits of current knowledge - often butts up against failure as a part the process. Let's share what we know - and be the light for someone else.

I live in North Devon in the UK - close to the sea, which means there is always somewhere to escape to (when it isn't raining!).


  • Aysa MC
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    Amazing history! Hope I could once say something similar!

  • Prajjwal Dhungana
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    I expect to learn a great deal from you, Chris.