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Ask your peers ''Are you okay?" and do it the right way!

Kakoli Majumder
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Just looking out for signs of burnout in your peers and asking them if they are okay can be life changing, if done the right way. This poster is an accurate guide on what to do when the person in front of you doesn't seem to be ok.


  • Isurika Sevwandi
    Isurika Sevwandi Member Posts: 80 ✭✭✭

    This is a great piece of advice Kakoli. Understanding and patience in communication can sort out most of problems related mental health.

  • Raj sundaram
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    Honestly - wish there were more people who followed this. Especially - taking the effort to care - really, reach out and ask. Because people in burn out (or any other mental health condition) find it very difficult to ask for help - often a part of the mental/emotional condition. There may be many factors preventing people from asking for help - people not asking for help are not always just "weak"/"too afraid". There are always valid reasons why people suffer silently. Just being given importance and made an effort for as a fellow human starts the healing process.

    And "Check in!!" - probably the most important step. Because in a world where "how are you?" has no meeting and is just a greeting, actually showing meaningful concern by following up - showing that the concern is not cheap words but real - goes a long way!!