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How to NOT feel like you're behind on your work after a break/weekend?

Jayashree Rajagopalan
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Hi @Stefano Zucca - Thank you for an amazing webinar on academic stressors. I wanted to bring this up because it was a recurring point in the chat. You already addressed the question about academic guilt. This is an extension of the same topic. What do I do if, after a weekend or a break, I don't essentially feel guilty but feel like I now have a HUGE backlog and feel stressed about taking breaks to avoid coming back to more work or to avoid feeling like I am always lagging behind?


  • Stefano Zucca
    Stefano Zucca Member Posts: 4


    This is a great question! I would start from the idea that there will be always something you will have to do and so even if you don't take breaks you will find something else to add on top.

    Taking breaks could actually help you to be more focused on what you have to do and build a priority list so you can realise if there is something which can be postponed or done with the help of some of your colleagues.

    Most importantly, there is a huge part of our work which requires us to think and if our mind is tired and filled with many thoughts on what we have to do, we won't be able to think properly. Setting boundaries and empty your mind should help you to be more productive on the long way!

  • Andrea Hayward
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    I'm with Stefano on this one. The work will always be there. It will still be waiting for you tomorrow or even a week from now. But you might not be here or be feeling your best tomorrow if you don't take a much needed break now. Besides, we shouldn't feel guilty about taking breaks or like we need to earn them. We deserve to take breaks. Our bodies and minds do brilliantly to keep us healthy and do all the work we wish to do. The least we can do is give them a rest and take better care of them. We owe them that much, don't you think? 😊

  • Kakoli Majumder
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    I always feel this way and often end up working during my days off to avoid work piling up over the next few days. Each time I tell myself that if I do some of my work in advance, I'll be able to log off earlier on the week days. But unfortunately, most of the time that never happens - something else crops up and I end up working late anyways. I guess I should go with what Stefano has said and use my off days for other things that I enjoy doing so I come back recharged.