How could I win a free Ph.D scholarship in the field of (perioperative medicine or pain medicine)? — R Voice

How could I win a free Ph.D scholarship in the field of (perioperative medicine or pain medicine)?

I do have degree in anesthesiology, and degree in advanced clinical anesthesia. I have published about 25 articles in a high-quality journal (Open access, Scopus indexed) in the fields of anesthesia and medicine. Now, I want to extend my study in one of the following fields if I could secure a free scholarship:

  1. Perioperative medicine
  2. Pain medicine
  3. Evidence-based medicine
  4. Anesthesia-related (obstetric anesthesia or pediatric anesthesia or orthopedic and trauma anesthesia)

Thanks, for your kind help in advance!

Any researcher in the anesthesia and medicine, who wants to be my advisor could communicate with me via [email protected]

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  • Jayashree Rajagopalan
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    Hi @Diriba Teshome Welcome to R Voice. Wow your area of interest is quite interesting. It's great to hear that you already have a few publications under your belt (that experience is always valuable) and that you're now looking to expand your horizons. I'm not sure if we specifically have community members who are an exact match yet, but I am tagging and calling out to @zulkarnain jaafar (who specializes in exercise medicine) and @FAROOQ RATHORE (who works in rehabilitation medicine) - if they can suggest someone from within their networks or are ready to mentor someone themselves! 🙂

    I wanted to come back to your publication experience - how you went about it, how your experience was, nd what you learned in the process. This is something that would help our fellow R Voicers. I might connect with you separately (over DM here on R Voice) if that's okay with you.