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Hello from Kuala Lumpur...Looking for research collab in Physical Activity and Exercise Medicine

zulkarnain jaafar
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“Hello! My name is Zulkarnain. 

I am an academician and a researcher. 

I currently live in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. 

My research area is Physical Activity and Exercise Medicine. My interests mainly in health, fitness, performance and exercise/physical activity technology. I am looking for collaboration in this field for those who are interested.

What I like best about my work is that I do multitask works, which is satisfying but sometimes can be overwhelming. I teach and assess students, seeing patients in clinic, doing administrative work, research works and publications and etc.

When I’m not working, I like to spend time reading, watching movies or tele-series, as well as being with my family.

It’s great to be here. And I look forward to getting to know each of you better 😊"



  • Andrea Hayward
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    Hi @zulkarnain jaafar. Thank you for the introduction! It's great to have you here on R Voice 🙂

    As an exercise enthusiast, I find your research area very interesting! I'm quite fascinated to meet someone who is studying this area closely. I'd love to learn a little more about what exercise medicine and physical activity technology comprises. Could you please tell me a little more about it?

    You have so many roles packed into one job (wow)! You're right - while working on several things can be exciting and involve a lot of learning, it can get overwhelming and tiring if you've been doing it for too long. I really wish that this wasn't so common in academia.

    What's kind of movies and shows do you enjoy watching? I love a good detective series and a mystery 😃

  • zulkarnain jaafar
    zulkarnain jaafar Member Posts: 2
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    Hi Andrea. Nice to hear that you are an exercise enthusiast and practicing healthy lifestyle. In exercise medicine we do work to promote active lifestyle for NCDs prevention or chronic diseases management such as obesity, cardiovascular, diabetes and etc. I prescribed exercise according to the patients or clients need, such as for health or body image, also according to their readiness to start and their liking to which type of activity. In the technology perspective, I am working on developing mobile application for exercise prescription that can be endorsed by doctors or exercise professionals. Also, I am interesting to develop an exercise technology or device that can help office worker or busy people to do exercise at their office on daily basis. Well you know, people are going to work early in the morning and be back at home only late in the evening, making no time for them to engage in any physical activities. Hence, it is good if we can make the exercise activities to occur during the working hours.

    Wow, detective series and mysterious movies are indeed interesting. For me, I enjoyed medical series as well as horror movies. It gives me some adrenaline rush when watching them. Hahaha.😀

  • Andrea Hayward
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    @zulkarnain jaafar this is so great! Thanks for sharing more details about your work. I love how your approach is so expanded and is looking to customize exercise plans and advice based on clients' schedule, how much time they can devote to exercise on a daily basis, what kind of activities they'd like to do, etc. I feel like most exercise plans fail in the early stages because the person who is actually going to be following it is not asked what they'd enjoy doing or how they'd like to meet their goals. Your take on this is fantastic! I also love how your approach is focused on health and wellbeing over everything else. You're doing great work! I'd love to hear more as other things like the mobile application develop. 😊

    Horror movies and me have a love-hate relationship lol. It just depends on HOW scary and how mentally prepared I am. I do enjoy a good medical series too. I was obsessed with Grey's Anatomy for the longest time. Do you have more current show recommendations?

  • Shruti Turner
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    HI @zulkarnain jaafar - it's great to e-meet you! Your research sounds super interesting, it sounds similar to my research area though I am focused on the rehabilitation and activity of people with amputations specifically. It sounds like we have a lot of overlap with our want to encourage people who aren't quite as active as they could be to do more to prevent further medical complications. Do you have a current project you are working on for which you seek collaboration?

    Out of work, I feel we need to have a chat (with @Andrea Hayward too!!) about these medical dramas. I AM HOOKED on Grey's Anatomy (but no spoilers, I am only at the end of season 16 because of airing in the UK), also I loved House..watched it from start to finish. What else have I missed?! I am in need of a new bingable series...