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Hello All

Hello all, my name is Rupkamal Sarma.

 I am trying to be a researcher and get accepted into a PhD program in Labour Studies.

After spending close to 14 years working as a journalist and content marketer, I am looking for a career change.

Psychology is what gets me excited [ I am a INFP], but I don’t have a degree in the subject. In an ideal world, I would like to combine my interest in Psychology with Labour Studies and choose a topic for research.

I currently live in Uttar Pradesh, India.

Since I consider myself a beginner researcher, (having written my last research paper in 2013 for my Masters) I am looking forward to some hand-holding. I have some scattered ideas at the moment, which I can hopefully polish into something more concrete with the help of a mentor.

I am particularly looking forward to getting help on drafting a statement of interest, learning statistics for research, and closing in on a research topic.

When I am not working, I like to watch movies, read books (fiction, non-fiction, poetry), write poems and daydream.

I look forward to getting to know, at least, some of you better. 🙂


  • Andrea Hayward
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    Hello @Rupkamal Sarma! Welcome to the R Voice Community - I think you're our newest member 🤩 It's lovely to have you here and thank you for the introduction 🙂

    WOW 14 years of experience in journalism and content marketing - that's amazing! If you feel comfortable talking about it, I'd love to learn more about what led to this career shift.

    Like you, I'm also extremely passionate about Psychology and actually studied it right until my Master's (ENTJ here 😅), and I too am based in India (Mumbai, specifically). Do you have a favorite sub-discipline within Psychology? I tend to lean towards Social Psychology and Psychology of Gender.

    I believe that making a career switch is never easy and always brave and I hope this new journey is very fulfilling for you. This community is home to a lot of researchers, at various stages of their academic journey and with varying years of experience. I'm sure they'll all have great advice and insights to share with you. Please feel free to post any questions that you might have on manuscript writing here in the Publication Support Category https://voice.researcher.life/categories/journals-publications.

    We already have quite a few interesting discussion threads on there, that you might want to start exploring.

    Once again, welcome to R Voice and all the best for this new journey ❤️

  • Rupkamal Sarma
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    Hello Andrea

     Thank you for your warm welcome. While I am very keen on sharing my experiences with people who might want to hear about them, my biggest concern remains privacy.

    To paraphrase a popular Hollywood movie saying – “What goes on the internet, stays on the internet”.

    Based on my experience, most employers will not take kindly to candid confessions online. So tomorrow, I don’t want people to Google my name and land upon the tell-all “Diary of a wannabe researcher”.

    Perhaps you’ll consider this a request to make the forum results invisible on search engines or give an option to members to pen their stories anonymously.

    Having gotten that out of the way, let me tell you a bit more about my career change decision.

    Age and slowly percolating wisdom had taught me a few years ago that you need money and/ or job satisfaction. In my previous professions, there was none of the two. In a best-case scenario, you can get both. At your worse, you need either one of the two to have a good night’s sleep.

    As an INFP I have always sought work that has some deeper meaning other than paying the bills. Now paying the bills, is not an ignoble goal in itself, but I just feel that there should be more to life than that. So, while I am thrilled to know that Wewanttomakemoney Company’s sales skyrocketed because of my work, I also need to know I made some meaningful change in someone’s life (other than the CEOs & investors).

    I am interested in Social Psychology and I guess what can be termed loosely as organizational psychology / labour practices because I have spent enough time in the company of egoistic bosses, pseudo leaders, clueless HR and generally poor management practices to write an encyclopaedia about it.

    I am already cringing and chiding myself for having written so much online in front of the judging eyes of random strangers. I hope you will introduce the anonymous feature soon.

    Thank you for the resources you have shared, and I was also wondering if it possible to ask you about some queries about pursuing Psychology studies in India.

  • Andrea Hayward
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    edited October 2021

    @Rupkamal Sarma thank you so much for the detailed response and for your honesty. I completely understand and empathize with your concerns about privacy. We don't have to talk about anything that you're not comfortable speaking about :)

    That said, I'm happy to share that we do have a process set up for anonymous posting. This came as a suggestion from some of our wonderful Founding Members (shout-out @Shruti Turner @Dahlia T ❤️ ). You're welcome to explore this and I hope you find it useful. If you have questions you could reach out to me directly or @Jayashree Rajagopalan (via DM).

    I understand that opening up to a new set of people (especially on the internet) can be daunting and very scary. So I really appreciate you taking this brave step of sharing some of your thoughts with the community. I assure you that this is a safe space. R Voice is home to several kind and supportive people, and we try our best to hold each other up 🙂

    I can relate with your drive for making a real impact in the world and introducing meaningful change to people's lives. You and I share this drive, as do many others here on the community. So I understand where you're coming from when you say that you felt a need to explore work that allows you to channel this. I really hope that you find a path that allows you to make a difference.

    It's been a while since I've been a student, so I'm not sure how updated my knowledge on pursuing a Psychology degree in India is. But I'm happy to chat with you about it and share my own experience, if that helps :)

  • Rupkamal Sarma
    Rupkamal Sarma Member Posts: 20 ✭✭

    Thank you Andrea for sharing the link to anonymous posting and offering to share your experience. It is much appreciated. I might be using it soon. I will also DM you in order to learn more about your psychology experience. 🙂 Thanks, once again. I really hope to have a productive time on this forum.

  • Andrea Hayward
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    Any time @Rupkamal Sarma! Looking forward to chatting with you 🙂