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Introducing myself

Tony Nwankwo
Tony Nwankwo Member Posts: 5

Thank you, @Andrea Hayward

Hi everyone. Am a researcher, and currently, in the last phase of my doctoral studies at the University of Nigeria.

My research area focuses on the management of stress within the work setting.

Oftentimes, we put a lot of energy towards the achievement of corporate goals at the expense of our physical and mental health and today stress has become a global epidemic affecting millions of workers more than the Covid-19 palava. So, I am looking at how employers of labor could help employees manage the stress they (employers) create for them (employees).

I often spend my idle moments playing music, games, and sourcing for new knowledge that is unrelated to my work.

A good listener, always paying attention to details, fun to be with, focused and a rational thinker, my name is Tony Nwankwo

Am happy to be part of the R Voice community!!!


  • Andrea Hayward
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    Hi @Tony Nwankwo. Thanks for the lovely introduction. It's great to see you on R Voice again! 😊

    Your research topic is so timely and essential to the world right now. I specifically love what you've said here - "I am looking at how employers of labor could help employees manage the stress they (employers) create for them (employees)." I'm not sure if you're talking about all work sectors or academia specifically but this is so true! Often, the responsibility of managing stress is put solely on the employee without acknowledging several systemic issues that are directly contributing to these stress levels. I'm so glad that someone out there is looking into this. This is such important work - thank you! 🤩

    Another music enthusiast on R Voice (including myself)! What kind of music do you usually listen to? 😃

  • Jayashree Rajagopalan
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    Hi @Tony Nwankwo - Welcome to R Voice. I am very intrigued by your choice of research topic - out of curiosity, what field does it fall under? I think your research will give you a very "meta" view of academia. I feel like your research will give you a very unique perspective of stress, stress management, and work-life balance in academia too. I see that you called out stress as a global epidemic. Today, almost each one of is stressed for almost every minute of our waking life. Sometimes we manage our stress and sometime we don't.

    Earlier this year, we had one of the R Voice members @Lidia Lins conduct a webinar on dealing with stress and burnout in academia. I think you might find it worth a watch/listen. Sharing the links with you here:

    I look forward to hearing your thoughts and interactions on R Voice!

  • Lidia Lins
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    Welcome @Tony Nwankwo !

    This is indeed a very interesting and much needed topic in Academia and in the corporate world that is often ignored.

    Good luck with your research and keep us updated!

  • Tony Nwankwo
    Tony Nwankwo Member Posts: 5
    @Andrea Hayward I never knew you were also a music enthusiast. I often listen to Jazz, Hip Hop, and Reggae 😂. looking forward to adding dancing to the list just to have a good blend,🤣🤣
  • Tony Nwankwo
    Tony Nwankwo Member Posts: 5

    Thank you so much @Jayashree Rajagopalan for providing those links.

    It falls under the field of Management, Organizational Behavior to be precise.

    However, the study focus is health sector.

    Stress is indeed a global epidemic eating deep into the life of every worker but only a few persons is aware of it's bad effects on their mental well-being.

    And atimes they engage in negative practices with the sole intent to manage their stress levels.

    You are absolutely right that it will provide a unique perspective of stress, it's management and work-life balance.

    I once asked a nurse manager how she manages stress at work and she told me that to manage stress at work she often drinks a bottle of coke or more.

    Isn't that ridiculous 🙄

  • Tony Nwankwo
    Tony Nwankwo Member Posts: 5

    Thanks so much @Lidia Lins happy to read your comment and to read/listen to the webinar you hosted.