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Introducing myself

Juan Carlos Torres-Galván
Juan Carlos Torres-Galván Member Posts: 6

Hi everybody! My name is Juan Carlos. 

At this momment I just finished my PhD and well... I have no idea about what is the best way to define me... it is possible to say that I'm looking fot podtdoc positions? 

I currently live in San Luis Potosí, México. 

My research area is machine learning and biomedical optics, but biomedical engineering is possible more appropiate. 

What I like best about my work is that you have different things to do each day, you are never doing the same thing and is always a new opportunity to make at leat a little impact in the world that is possible that one day could be important.  

When I’m not working, I like to go to sports, specially watch baseball games and write about that for local journals, is really amazing to do that and you can learn other skills that are relevant to your scientific work.

I'm very thankfull to be here sharing experience, the good, happy, sad and bad things, I feel that is a place where I don't feel that I'm alone or that nobody can understand what I do (some people said... come on, you should to find a job, that's not a real work), and learn from you.


  • Andrea Hayward
    Andrea Hayward Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 513 admin

    Hi @Juan Carlos Torres-Galván! Thank you for the introduction. Congratulations on your recent milestone DR. Torres-Galván! I think being in a transition phase of looking for postdoc positions is perfectly fine. Don't let the uncertainty of the next step make you forget the journey until this point and all that you've achieved along the way 😊

    In fact, we have another recent DR. in our presence - our very own @Shruti Turner! Shruti, maybe you can help Juan with some tips/insights from your own experience looking for postdoc positions?

    I really like your answer for what you like best about your job. It seems very exciting, but at the same time challenging. And I think it probably requires a never say never attitude. I too like to expand my learning and keep finding new things to work on. Maybe not on a daily basis, but at least every 3-4 months. I'm curious though - doing different work every day could be a little daunting at some point. How do you keep yourself anchored to the broad goal?

    Thank you so much for your kind words about R Voice. We're thrilled to have you here! 🤗

    P.S. I think this is the first ever mention of baseball on the community. We do have a lot of exercise and sports buffs but this is surely a first 😃

  • Jayashree Rajagopalan
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    A big hello back at you @Juan Carlos Torres-Galván Welcome to R Voice. Thank you for such an interesting introduction!

    Congratulations on getting the PhD (so perhaps I should say Dr. Juan Carlos 😊) - that's one huge milestone achieved. How was your thesis defense experience? And how did you celebrate when you heard the good news? Sending lots of luck and positive vibes your way for the postdoc hunt.

    One of my closest friends was from San Luis Potosí! She always had some beautiful cathedral photos to share and lots of very interesting stories about the state.

    Your research area sound very interesting, something with a lot of potential for practical applications. I love your enthusiasm for your field - that you see it as an opportunity to do something new every day. Do you also play any sport? And what kind of writing do you do for local journals?

    I seem to have so many more questions for you 🙂 

    The best part about R Voice is getting to know so many researchers with such a variety of interests. I just wanted to say that this is a truly safe community - it is meant for you to reach out for share the good things AND bad, unburden yourself, or just ask the community for advice. Here, you will certainly not find yourself alone. Looking forward to great conversations!

  • Thank you very much @Andrea Hayward , I really try but it has been a little complicate in this time because you was with a lot of stress and at the next day "you are free", but I'm working on that... step by step right? 😁

    About the job... I like to consider in that way and have a good attitude about that, I don't really enjoy do the same thing all the day (actually that's the reason why I don't like to work at the industry, even though they have good salaries). I think that we have a great opportunity to make a positive impact in our fields.

    About your question... I consider that in one project a lot of times you have to know a little of different things to at the end you are working having one answer for your main project.

    P.S.: Haha I really love baseball

  • Thank you very much @Jayashree Rajagopalan

    About my thesis defense... is was a little weird, I felt like my body was there, but my mind was in another place, it's possible about the stress or another hearthbreak situation or I don't know hahaha, I felt like I only listen one guy with my voice talking about the things that I did during years but I was not there haha. My advisor said that it was a great defense and that he really enjoy that, my friends were very excited about the exposition and I only remember that one girl of the public make a "double meaning" question and my answer make that everyone on the room laughs a lot with how I answer that.

    Ohh, really se was from here? Wow, this world is very small haha, it's awesome, yes, the downtown is really amazing. I really enjoy go there and just walk.

    Thanks about your comments about the research, yes I really enjoy it and that's how I try to be motivated each day. Right now I don't play any sports but I go to the gym 5 days at week, it has been so much useful to have my mind clear and know other people. I write about sports... baseball, soccer and when is the season here, basaket ball.

    Haha it's ok with the questions, it's a great way to know other people and make friends, is one thing that I really love about R Voice.

  • Andrea Hayward
    Andrea Hayward Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 513 admin

    @Juan Carlos Torres-Galván I can so relate to feeling uncomfortable and unsure when I've experienced stressful, heavy work days for a while and then suddenly don't have much to do. It feels as though I'm not doing enough 😐️ But you're right, step by step and taking is one day at a time is the key 🙂

    I like your take on how you stay anchored to your goals. And you're right! Working on one big project sometimes requires learning lots of new skills and processes. But at the end of the day, if they're all aligned to your main goal, then things tend to work themselves out.

  • Shruti Turner
    Shruti Turner Member Posts: 318 ✭✭✭✭

    Hi @Juan Carlos Torres-Galván - Welcome to R Voice and I'm so sorry for the delay. Congratulations on finishing your PhD! Not only do we have that we are recent Drs in common, but also in the field of Biomedical Engineering. Maybe there is something in the air!?

    I totally understand what you mean about the uncertainty about what next. I was very fortunate to have been able to secure an 8 month post-doc but I am in the position of nothing to do next once it is over early next year. I think the best thing I have done is to start talking to people in the field. I am quite active on twitter where a lot in my particular field (amptuation prosthetics) are. I tweet about random bit and pieces as well asthings relevant to the field. It's a great place to find out what's going on, any vacancies but also get your name out there.

    I'm trying to make a name for myself outside of my lab, or directly in my supervisor's bubble (she was my PhD supervisor too) and branch out. I have been getting involved in the professional organisation of my field, going to webinars, reaching out to contacts I had from my time at my undergraduate university as well as the occasional "cold" email, which has ended in a collaboration for a paper. Other than that, I am trying to establish myself as a credible researcher..I've writing articles that I didn't have time to write during my PhD and coming up with other ideas to build my portfolio of publications. Also, I am trying to sign up to training that will make me valuable e.g. peer review, personal development but also ones about writing fellowships.

    I don't really know who I am as a researcher, or where I'm going. I have, however, figured out what I want for me as a person. It has made it less scary for me to approach the researcher aspect of who I am. Questions I have asked myself are what do I want? Where do I want to live? What sort of work/life balance do I want? What is it I care about? What is it I enjoy?

    The answers to those questions will perhaps guide you exactly where you need to be or limit your options so you know what you have to do. Hopefully that helps! I'm always happy to have a chat :)