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Do you agree with this quotation?

FAROOQ RATHORE Member Posts: 11 ✭✭

Many times researchers keep on making plans and discussing ideas. There is nothing wrong in planning , but as this quote says that there comes a time when one should stop just planning and dreaming and start doing the actual task at hand.

What do you think? Is there something as over planning ? When should one stop talking about the project and start doing something to acheive that goal>


  • Shruti Turner
    Shruti Turner Member Posts: 318 ✭✭✭✭

    Yes! I definitely agree with this quote. I do believe there is a need for adequate preparation/planning, which does involve conversation..but it gets to a point where things just need to be done. We learn as we go, and no matter how much preparation there is, there will be things that need changing based on new learnings/experiences.

    I believe it's important to have the appropriate context/justification for the work and a well researched plan, but waiting for things to be "perfect" or have all questions answered feels like an impossible thing to achieve and will stop progress.

    I (an engineer) used to work with a senior lecturer (a philosopher) and we had very different approached to things, we were working together to improve student experience and the not officially research and we clashed over when to talk and when to do...I know I got frustrated with having the same discussion time and time again. I'm sure he has opposite frustrations with me!

  • chris leonard
    chris leonard Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 138 admin

    I love this ethos. To be clear, it's not one I always stick to myself (I would have done my PhD entirely by literature surveys if possible) - but it is true. It's the same thing as writers getting a bad first draft done so they have started and go back and edit or rewrite it, but they have something and they have started their journey et least. So yes, you can overplan. Sometimes you need to 'Just Do It'.

    FAROOQ RATHORE Member Posts: 11 ✭✭

    Thanks @Shruti Turner and @chris leonard for sharing your perspectives

  • Andrea Hayward
    Andrea Hayward Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 513 admin

    Thanks for starting this conversation @FAROOQ RATHORE! I do agree with this quote. I feel like my thoughts on this matter are similar to what @Shruti Turner has shared. While I value planning and believe that it has benefits, I also understand that some things will always be outside of our control and could get in the way of a plan at any time. I've learned the hard way to take things in my stride and not let a detour throw me off completely. I do feel like there's something such as over-planning because a plan is only good as long as it works to some extent and if we don't actually DO it and set the plan in motion, we might never truly understand its effectiveness.