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Self-helped Growth in Research

With the pandemic, learning has been borderless. Massive information are readily available online. Engagements are left and right. These may be national or international in nature. I seized those moments. From free to paid webinars, conferences, and training sessions; you will see me there. I do not limit myself with the confines of my work station or my home. I go beyond the reach of the internet and allow myself to welcome new friends from other countries. I also actively join international research communities to benchmark best practices. I braved international conferences and fortunately brought home awards that pride not only my institution but also my beloved country, the Philippines.

Never stop learning because this is the best professional investment you can give yourself.


  • Jayashree Rajagopalan
    Jayashree Rajagopalan Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 319 admin

    Thanks for starting this thread @vicky dariano I can't agree with you more about learning being borderless. The pandemic took life as we knew it and turned it on its head and we're all getting used to seeing things that way now. You do sound like you've kept yourself very busy doing a lot of things. And those awards sound like a feather in your cap - congratulations and may you get many more of these as you go on!

    I'm curious, though - what kinds of webinars and conferences did you sign up for or attend? I would love to hear which one of those was most useful or interesting for you or which one you learned the most from.

    And I agree with you 100% - NEVER stop learning. My approach in life is similar to yours. I keep learning something or the other and when I don't I don't like myself!

  • Andrea Hayward
    Andrea Hayward Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 943 admin

    Interesting post @vicky dariano! Thanks for starting this conversation 😊

    While I completely agree with what you've said about learning being borderless and relatively more accessible now, unfortunately I wasn't able to channel this as well as you did during the pandemic. It's amazing that you've been able to attend so many conferences and training sessions and expand your learning. I can't imagine how daunting it must have been to travel internationally during such a stressful period. Congratulations on the awards you've won! 🤩

    If you don't mind talking about it, I'd love to know more about what kept you motivated to keep seeking learning opportunities during the pandemic. I know I'm not the only one who felt somewhat defeated and consistently low at this time. So we'd all benefit from knowing what kept you going :)

  • Kakoli Majumder
    Kakoli Majumder Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 341 admin

    Tis is such an inspiring post! I agree with you @vicky dariano that the pandemic has opened up a myriad learning opportunities of us. With conferences moving online, webinars on a variety of topics available to us just a click away, high-value training modules delivered right to our inbox - this has been a period of intense learning. I truly admire how you've made the most of this opportunity and even braved international travel during these difficult times to attend conferences! Congratulations on the awards you won! We love celebrating our wins here on R Voice and would love to know more about the awards you won! :)