It's CoCo time! Join us for coffee and conversations on Fridays — R Voice

It's CoCo time! Join us for coffee and conversations on Fridays

Kakoli Majumder
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Update: We have moved CoCo Time to Fridays as Wednesdays seemed difficult for many R Voicers.

It's been almost 6 months since the launch of R Voice. We've had some lovely conversations with so many of you on the platform and it feels like family. Now that we've interacted with you so closely, we really want to meet you more often. Which is why we've come up with great way to make the connection even more personal. Starting next week, we will have a Community Coffee & Conversations Time (or CoCo Time as we prefer to call it) every Wednesday! Since it's the middle of the week, we're keeping it short and sweet - no registrations, no signups - just drop in to meet other R Voicers and have some fun, breezy conversations that will leave you refreshed and refueled for the rest of the week! 😃

Time has often been an issue for our events, since we have members spread across the globe. But this time, we've figured out a way to include everybody: We're going to alternate between Asia and US friendly time zones each week. Next week's session is more conducive to EU and Asia, while the following week's session will be more suited for our friends in the US time zones.

Check out the event details and joining link here:

See you on Wednesday!