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Mummy trap

Adaora Anyichie - Odis
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I heard 'Mummy trap' last week while listening to a video via YouTube. I realized that is why a lot of women give up on their career goals.

I remember being the only Female that applied for CCHUB/University of I Virgili PhD scholarship in 2018. At the end I was the only one that got to the interview stage amongst us.

I have taken a lot of risk like being pregnant for the first time and moving from IFDC Abuja Nigeria office to Lome, Togo office (a Francophone country).

Left my comfort zone to study for my MSc as a Mum and expectant Mum. I remember how stressful it was but I never gave up. I actually discovered my strengths which has been helpful since then.

The climax was realising that I took in the very month I started my PhD for my 3rd child who will clock 2 years in 3 weeks. I didn't feel trapped. I enjoyed the journey and it didn't affect my studies. Mother's if you can invest in stroller, Baby bouncer and washing machine. Cooking in bulk and storing in your freezer is a life saver. Sharing your itinerary with your spouse and working as a TEAM is the best. It saves you a lot of headaches.

Life is full of stages, I miss my youthful days but growth is inevitable. It is ok to take a career break if you want to nurture your kids yourself especially for those that live outside Nigeria. Please remember to get your game is called ''returnship''.

Dear Women set goals for yourselves often (yearly, monthly, weekly, daily) keep smashing them. Please don't forget to surround yourself with winners, your inner circle must be great, keep abreast of current trends in your field and get a Mentor.

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    Thank you for sharing this post @Adaora Anyichie - Odis! As someone who gave up their PhD when I had my first child, I really look up to women like you who were able to pull through it all. I had thought that I'll go back to it a few years down the line, but then priorities changed and I didn't get to do it after all. I agree that women should definitely not give up on their careers once they become mothers. It's actually not as hard as it seems as first, and with time and a little bit of adjustment, both you and the child get used to it. Of course, you should take a break if you wish to, but don't lose sight of your career goals. Tagging an academia mom I know from this group @Ruchika Yogesh Your thoughts?

  • Adaora Anyichie - Odis
    Adaora Anyichie - Odis Member Posts: 128 ✭✭✭✭