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Know Your Worth

Dahlia T
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I am purposefully driven to water the soil to grow the seed that is already planted. 


  • Andrea Hayward
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    Beautiful article @Dahlia T! Thank you for sharing this with the community. On some level, I feel like I really needed to hear these words today so I'm personally very grateful. 🤗

    I fully agree with what the author says about ignoring the people and the naysayers who don't acknowledge your worth and try to hold you back by projecting their own fears and insecurities on to you. These people don't value us and show have so space in our lives, no matter who they are.

  • Yufita Chinta
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    Thank you for sharing the lovely article, @Dahlia T

    It reminds me to one big decision I have made: 'leave the guy'. There were so many insecurities the guy puts on me. An example, the guy always says "I am not happy with that". Then, I realize that no matter how hard I try to fix following the suggestions, the guy won't never be happy with the results. Leaving someone is irritable for me, because in the reverse system, I don't want to be leaved by anyone. No other ways for me at that time. And after reading the article, I am relieved to know that it is okay to leave the guy. The "no matter who they are" of @Andrea Hayward strengthen me. Thanks 🤗

  • Jayashree Rajagopalan
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    Thanks for sharing this @Dahlia T It's such a small and simple yet incredibly powerful post. At some point and to some extent, I'm afraid, we all may have willingly put ourselves down. This serves as a reminder of how our self-worth, belief, and success are more internal and internalize than we might know. This part below from the post summed it all up for me - especially at a time when I think I really needed to hear this:

    Self-confidence is critical to success. You must believe that you are worthy of achieving your goals and sincerely believe that you can accomplish it.

    If you cannot imagine yourself on the big stage then you will never be on the big stage.

    Stop smalling up yourself.

  • Dahlia T
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    @Yufita Chinta @Jayashree Rajagopalan @Adaora Anyichie - Odis @Andrea Hayward I sincerely echo your sentiments 🦋

    Sometimes we have to change the narrative. Being confident, recognising your worth is very important. If many choose to not embrace your value is okay to leave them by the wayside.

    Walk in your purpose... Yes, it hurts to leave relationships, jobs, labs ...etc. But if the people you are around are only seeking to belittle and tear you down, rather than build you up, I say 'let them go'. The right people will stick around and not only that, they will recognise the 'beauty' in you and even help to water you.

    That being said, as individuals we also have to first recognise our own value and purposefully walk in it ...not waiting for others to do so (many never will) and most importantly not allowing the naysayers to snuff out our candle with their words and actions.

    Sometimes, we may have to stay in that lab, that job ...that situation for a little while, so it is important to recognise, embrace, and live our own worth. Even in the darkest of nights, strive to keep your candle burning. It may very well be lighting the way...for someone else 💫

    I am purposefully driven to water the soil to grow the seed that is already planted. 

  • Andrea Hayward
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    @Dahlia T I agree with everything you've said but that last bit really moved me. Here's to changing the narrative and flipping the script! 🙏