If you could thank one person for their support in your research journey who would that be? — R Voice

If you could thank one person for their support in your research journey who would that be?

Kakoli Majumder
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I was reading this article about scientific research being one of the loneliest professions, and it struck me that if researchers are facing isolation at work, they must be getting support and motivation from somewhere else. So many researchers I've spoken to over the years have mentioned about how supportive their family and friends have been while some others have found support and inspiration in a colleague or mentor.

Let's pause for a moment and reflect on who has been the greatest support for us during those times when the going got rough. If you could thank one person for their support in your research journey who would that be?


  • Raj sundaram
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    Not one person. A total of about 10 people. My extremely conscientious ultra-dependable team-mates - good humans. And half-dozen humans (in professional and personal circles) I would trust with my entire savings AND my life. :D

  • chris leonard
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    A professor at university was very inspiring and used to give us all a wake-up call every now and then. In the 2nd year of a 3-year undergrad course he reminded us: in year 1, you can pass the exams by regurgitating lecture notes - in year 2 you need to read some book chapters to get more of a foundation of the principles - in year 3 you need to reading journal articles and questioning what you're taught. It made sense to me then and made me stop worrying/obsessing about my notes.

    Prof Jim Guthrie at the University of Leeds Colour Chemistry department- thank you!

  • Shruti Turner
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    Just one is tough! I can think of many people who have helped me in some way or another. When I think about my personal life, my husband is my biggest supporter. He will listen to me going back and forth for endless hours about an idea or barrier or choice I am facing, and has been happy to move where I need for my research.

    When I think about the support for my research itself, my supervisor is up there on the list. I genuinely believe she is a big reason I have managed to submit my PhD thesis in the midst of a global pandemic with all the changes that were required. The support she has for me as a person and a researcher has been invaluable. I hear stories and see what other supervisors are like and it makes me so so grateful.

    When it comes to my future research journey, one of my lecturers from when I did my Masters has got to be acknowledged in my mind. They are so kindly supporting and guiding me in my decision making as I take my next steps. The experiences and knowledge they impart without forcing me in a certain direction is priceless. I am very close to the beginning of that journey, but I am so grateful for what will come and the generosity of support already.

    Then I guess, I don't feel I can write a post like this and not be thankful for the lecturer I met during my undergraduate degree who is the reason I found my field and helped me realise my passion for it. Without them, their patience and support I don't think I would have made the jump to pursue this route.

    I feel very fortunate to have so many people to be thankful to for my research journey. Thank you for starting this thread @Kakoli Majumder - it feels nice reflecting on something so positive.

  • Mdumiseni Mazula
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    Morning honestly everyone that helps and support me and other researchers around the world they suppose to be thankful because it's not quite easy or simple to handle peer review, editorial, publication, the evaluation process stress each and every day day but there is one person that had me all the on rough times and days it's the editor in chief sneha Kulkarni I thank her so much and personally everyone that support researchers.

  • Yufita Chinta
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    one person is tough, as @Shruti Turner and @Raj sundaram mention.

    In the beginning, I was thinking about one person who has influenced my research journey during my PhD, the very recent stage. If I have to choose one person, I'll mark my husband who always stands beside me either as a husband or scientist partner. But then reading the response of @chris leonard opens my memory to remember my beloved professor in undergrad too, whom I admire the most, both as a scientist and person. Then, reading @Shruti Turner's detail response flies me to my education journey from the elementary school 😊. Without enough education chances, I would not be able to experience the researches. So I'll thank my parents the most.

    (This makes me homesick again 😭)

  • Andrea Hayward
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    @Mdumiseni Mazula so happy to see your comment thanking Sneha! 😍

  • Soumi Paul
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    God or unseen waves of energy, I would say. I was dragged into the deep sea, drowning, sometimes. Other times I got retrieved and found the surface, the shores of the sea, like-minded, supportive, kind people were there, building my hope.

    Communication is the key to thriving! 😊