Hi, this is Vinti — R Voice

Hi, this is Vinti

Hi everyone,

Am really glad to be here and be a part of R voice.. I am hoping to be able to contribute actively to the community of researchers

My current research interests are related to community engagement in educational institutions, health, education, gender disparity, role of communities in development.

I am also deeply interested in self actualization practices of mindfulness, being compassionate. I often also volunteer on citizen related causes


  • Jayashree Rajagopalan
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    Hi @Vinti Agarwal Welcome to R Voice! I am Jayashree and I am part of the R Voice team. I must confess I'm very intrigued by your research interests - how do you research community engagement in education? Would love to hear more/chat about it sometime. This is also a topic that interests me greatly :-) I feel that we are all pushed/pushing ourselves to find communities of our own in innovative ways. After all, we all need a sense of belonging, our own tribe, more than ever today.

    Ah - you're interested in mindfulness too! I feel like our interests are closely aligned. 😀 Also one of our Founding Members @Lidia Lins speaks a great deal on this topic. Lidia uses her own experiences as a researcher to help other academics deal with the pressures of academic life. I think you'll like Lidia's webinar on dealing with stress and burnout in academia as well as the follow up Q&A session we had with her. Sharing links for you here:

  • Vinti Agarwal
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    Hi Jayshree,

    I lead community engagement across all schools in my university which is basically trying to reach out to all communities. with a view to achieve SDG goals by enhancing the citizenship quotient among students.

    In the last year, I managed to widen the definition of community making it possible for both students and faculty to reach out through community engagement to a wide cross-section of mini-communities.

    But in doing that, we needed to improve the within community reach of faculty and students. That is a big challenge. We are making progress and yes of course would love to talk about how we did it, what were our challenges, what kind of projects we did and some of our little victories. Yes, we also did one project in the first wave on how academics were adapting to the pandemic. The paper is in process but I have a presentation on some of the findings.

    I will definitely go through these videos and let us see if we can do another session on dealing with stress and frustration in academia.

  • Andrea Hayward
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    Hi @Vinti Agarwal. Welcome to the R Voice Community - it's lovely to have you here! I just read about the kind of community engagement work you do and it's really fascinating. Where are you currently based? Very curious to know in which part of the world such an interesting initiative is being developed and run. 😊

  • Kakoli Majumder
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    Welcome to R Voice @Vinti Agarwal! Your research interests are so intriguing! Loved reading about the community engagement initiatives you're taking. It's great that you're facilitating a two-way interaction in academic communities. It's really important that students and faculty get to know each others' perspectives - this is crucial for a more positive learning environment that fosters holistic development of students.

  • Vinti Agarwal
    Vinti Agarwal Member Posts: 9

    Dear @Kakoli Majumder and @Andrea Hayward

    Thank you for the reach out.

    I am based in India, more specifically in Delhi-NCR region. These projects are always an ongoing effort and maybe someday and sometime one will get to increased levels of understanding, empathy and respect between students and teachers which unfortunately is under increasing deal of gap nowadays. It is a long long road though.. 😀

  • Lidia Lins
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    Welcome to our community @Vinti Agarwal ! Your works sounds very interesting and indeed one unmet need we need to focus on.

    If you want to discuss anything on mental health, stress, and burnout in academia let me know, I love to have conversations about that and see how other people are handling it in different parts of the world.

    Thank you @Jayashree Rajagopalan for sharing!

  • Vinti Agarwal
    Vinti Agarwal Member Posts: 9

    Dear @Lidia Lins

    Thank you for the welcome. I do not think we are handling mental health, stress and burnout in academia very well at all.. It remains hidden and not very much talked about publicly though we do share it between selected faculty colleagues. The problem is the gap between institutional expectations and individual motivations and interests added with the stresses and demands of family and urban living.

    So there is lots of work to be done in making that a priority.

  • Lidia Lins
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    I totally agree with you @Vinti Agarwal . We will get there, step by step :)