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Join our very first Shut Up & Write session!

Kakoli Majumder
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Most researchers find it difficult to get their writing tasks done. We often keep procrastinating till the last minute and end up scrambling to finish just before the deadline.😕 Since this is a problem so many of us face, why don’t we try to fix this together? Let's begin the next week by getting an hour’s worth of focused writing done. Join me for a Shut Up & Write session on Monday, May 10th at 9:00 am UTC. That way, you get time to plan your writing over the weekend and get it ticked off your task list on the very first day of the week!

The concept is simple: We get on a group video call an hour of focused writing using the Pomodoro technique, followed by a short discussion session. Here’s the agenda:

·      Introductions, goal setting, and getting started – 10 mins

·      Focused writing without talking – 25 mins

·      Break to refill coffee and take stock of how much you got done – 5 mins

·      Focused writing without talking – 25 mins

·      Reflect on how much writing you got done, discuss challenges, and share tips – 25 mins

It’s like working together at a café, isn’t it? We’ve had quite a few of these sessions on our Facebook Group earlier and they’ve really been super productive. So if you find this interesting, please register here:

Let’s make writing fun!